Interested in sharing ideas to solve environmental problems 
in Cambodia, Indonesia, or Vietnam? 

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With your ideas, you can tackle environmental issues in three countries and dedicate in creating a sustainable world!

2020 Innovative Idea Competition for the Environment Sector 

Challenges local experts and university students across Cambodia, Indonesia, and Vietnam to use their creativity to develop innovative solutions to contribute to environmental sustainability. The idea should address the environmental issues that Cambodia, Indonesia or Vietnam faces and propose sustainable and innovative ideas to solve the problem that is causing immense concern in the environment.

The competition welcomes topics including

기후변화로 인한 육상, 해양의 문제???

* Please note: Participants are allowed to submit only one Idea Proposal

  • Application deadline: 01 November, 2020
  • Announcement : 11 November, 2020

Who can Apply?

  • This competition is open to Vietnamese, Indonesian and Cambodian students (undergraduate or graduate) and experts in the environment sector who is over 19. 
  • Applicants must beindividuals.

    *Students who are on leave or expected to graduate are also eligible


  1. Sustainable and Innovative idea proposal to solve the environmental issue
  2. Google Application form

Format and Length

  1. Free-format including card news, video, motion graphic, infographic
  2. Completed PowerPoint slides that explain the proposed idea (which should be a maximum of 10 slides) or Word file (which should be a maximum of 5 pages)

How to Apply

  1. Upload the proposed idea file on Google Drive
  2. Click “Share”and“Get shareable link”in the top right of the “Share with others” box
  3. Click the Down arrow next to “Anyone with the link”
  4. Complete Google application form and paste 3) the link of the proposed idea file in the application form

 The Prize

  • One grand prize two runner-ups for each topic
  • Four grand prizes, Eight runner-ups for total


Grand prize


1,000,000 KRW 




500,000 KRW 

Evaluation Criteria

  • Problem Identification : Does the problem belongs to the topics and clearly identify the environmental issue?
  • Suitability : Does the proposed idea fit in one of the mentioned topics, and does it solve the aforementioned environmental issue?
  • Feasibility : Is the proposed idea feasible?
  • Originality : Does the proposed idea show substantial originality and creativity?
  • Engagement : Does the proposed idea catch people’s attention and encourage their engagement?
  • Completeness : Does the proposed idea follow the guidelines? Does the idea propose an innovative idea to tackle down it?
  • Utilization : Could the proposed idea be utilized for advertising purposes?

General Rules

  • The copyright of the work belongs to the author, and the submitted work should not infringe copyright. If so, the applicant is responsible for any disputes arising from copyright infringement related to all the materials used in the work
  • Participants must not reuse contents that have been already submitted. The work must be original. If it infringes someone's intellectual property, then solution ideas will be rejected without further review and the award may be revoked as a penalty for plagiarism.
  • The copyright of the submitted works belongs to the author, and the finalists' work may be used by KEI, KMI, and The Bridge International for the purpose of exhibition, the announcement of winners, and advertising regardless of the period
  • Application deadline: 01 November, 2020
  • Announcement : 11 November, 2020

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